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What is Doctors 2 U?

     Doctors 2 U or DR2U (previously known as TMT) is a group of healthcare specialists, who are committed to caring for patients after they return home from the hospital, inpatient rehabilitation, or skilled nursing facility. Our physician-led teams are trained in the acute care setting and have the knowledge and capability to help avoid unnecessary readmissions to the hospital. 


     When leaving the hospital, patients are always told to follow up with their primary care provider, but it can often take weeks before they are able to be seen by their doctor. If you find yourself in this situation, these lengthy wait times can leave both you and your health at risk. 

One in five patients are readmitted to the hospital within a month of being discharged, which leads to further medical bills and delayed recovery. 75% of these readmissions are preventable with timely medical support is available after returning home.


     During this important and vulnerable time, the DR2U team is there to ensure your unique medical needs are being met in a timely manner. Our service allows you to return home with confidence and creates crucial data to help inform your primary care provider of your progress and allows you and your loved ones to have peace of mind. 

What is TMT?
Why use DR2U?
Why use DR2U?

     In order to promote optimal healing after a hospitalization, our DR2U team recognizes and drives the need for increased


     DR2U works in conjunction with your primary care provider, home health or hospice company immediately following an acute care stay by preventing unnecessary hospitalizations. DR2U administers medical care and treatment within a patient’s home setting.  

How are we different?
How are we different?

     Our DR2U staff are well versed in the needs of patients and their families during their transition of care. DR2U offers seven-day-a-week nurse practitioner coverage. Our guarantee is for patients to be seen within 72 hours of discharge from an acute facility and to answer any questions that may arise. 

Nurse Talking to Patient
What's the cost?

     DR2U is contracted with most major insurers. Our services are subject to deductibles and co-insurance but are otherwise generally covered. Please feel free to contact our office with specific questions or concerns. 

What's the cost?
What's the difference between DR2U and Home-health? 

     Unlike home-health, our service utilizes physician-led teams, which allows for new orders to be submitted and your care to be dynamically managed. With traditional home-health, nursing staff must await a medical provider's orders before the treatment they can provide can change. If this is unable to be accomplished in a timely manner, the orders that home-health are carrying out may not be the most appropriate approach to your care. By working along side traditional home-health,  Doctors 2 U can provide pro-active management, enabling timely and appropriate medical interventions. 

DR2U vs Home-health
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